Wednesday 23 February 2011

Crochet 101 - second class

I had my second crochet class tonight.

The project we started tonight is a hat/beanie. It's round and started from the top.

Here's what I accomplished after two (yes, two!) hours.

I finished to the end of row 6. Just 30+more to go ... sigh!

I had a hard time keeping track of the beginning of each row. I would sometimes keep going past where I was supposed to stop, slip the stitch and then chain a stitch to start the next row ... so I starting spiraling. So that meant I had to pull it out to go back to where I screwed up and start again. That happened many many times.

With knitting, I put a marker at the beginning of each row that I pass from needle to needle ... I'll have to pick up some split markers to mark the rows, I guess.

I don't think I'm a crocheter ... it makes me frustrated and cranky!


Isabel said...

I use scrap yarn to mark the beginning of a yarn. I place it in between the last stitch of the round and the first stitch. Then as I pass, i move the yarn up. I tried using stitch markers, but i find them easier to use with knitting in the round (you can just leave it on the needle) than crocheting. I hope that all made sense.

Teena in Toronto said...

I'll try that, Izzy.

Tatiana said...

Crochet hey? I used to crochet as a kid with my grandmother, but forgot everything since then. I really liked it.

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Hi, Teena!

Thanks for visiting my blog, Cynde's Got The Write Stuff. We had a fabulous time on our cruise, by the way. It was so romantic.

My husband's boss said he's going to send us on another one next year, too, but he hasn't decided where he wants to go yet. It may even be Alaska, Australia or Hawaii, who knows? Anywhere is fine with me--just as long as I get some down-time with my husband.

I used to crochet, years ago, and I loved it. I even made myself a beautiful, sky blue sweater--it was so pretty. I made several hat and scarf sets that I gave away, too. I only have one set left that I made for myself, but I don't care for the color of it anymore because my tastes have changed. (Murphy's Law, huh?) Hahahahaha!

I wonder if I could even crochet anymore. I bet I could, as soon as I got at it. It's sort of like riding a bike, I suppose, right?

Anyway, I hope you stick to it because there are lots of cute and fun things you can make--like tiny Christmas ornaments that are fun and easy. Try making something you REALLY, REALLY LOVE and maybe you won't get headaches. (just a suggestion!)

Talk to you again soon.
Cynde's Got The Write Stuff

Teresa said...

Congrats on moving on to level 2.