Thursday, 24 February 2011

East Coast Music Night, Sound Academy, Toronto

I'm on the elist for the Sound Academy. I got an email this week that I could win free tickets for tonight's East Coast Music Night. I entered the contest and won a couple tickets. To be honest, I think everyone who entered the contest "won" tickets.

No difference ... I'm from Nova Scotia so was happy to go.

The Sound Academy is the former "Docks". It's hard for Gord and I to get to as it's off the beaten path on the east side of the city ... we had to take a streetcar, subway, bus and walk to get there (about an hour). We took a cab home in less than 20 minutes ... definitely worth the $20!

Here's the view from the Sound Academy looking towards downtown.

We got there just after the doors opened at 8pm ... it was about half full.

There was a DJ who played music. Considering it was an east coast themed night, they played very few tunes from there :(

Randy from the Nova Scotia-based show Trailer Park Boys came on at 9:30pm. He doesn't usually wear a shirt and he was telling us that it was bothering his nipples.

Mr. Lahey, drunk as usual, came in through the crowd ...

They spent about 45 minutes on the stage.

The first five minutes was funny. The rest ... not so much. I think they are great characters on the show but they couldn't go it alone in a comedy act.

Nova Scotia fiddling legend, Ashley MacIsaac, came out at 10:30pm and played four songs.

I love fiddle music and really enjoyed Ashley ... I wish he could have played longer.

It is Ashley's 36th birthday today and Mr. Lahey and Randy brought a cake on stage for him.

Happy birthday, Ashley!

We left about 11pm when Mr. Lahey and Randy came back on. It was still packed!

We'd like to go back to the Sound Academy in the summer and sit on the patio with a couple beer during the summer.

Here's a video of one of Ashley's more popular hits from the past:


highheeledlife said...

Yes definitely go back inthe summer! I recall spending many Sunday afternoons at the then Docks ... friends would pull up with their boats along the dock and we got sailing then back to enjoy the sun set ... it really is beautiful. Hopefully with all the expansion going on in the area... the issue of getting there will be resolved...

It crazy snow up in Caledon today .. hope your trek in the city is much better,...HHL

Teresa said...

Ahh sounds like an interesting Maritime evening. We were supposed to get a storm too, still waiting on it. Have a good weekend.

rex said...

It sounds very interesting to me. Great evening!