Sunday 5 April 2009

St. George's Anglican Church, Jackson's Point, ON

I passed by this church. I'm not religious at all but I thought it was so cute and stopped.

The church was constructed in 1839, largely with funds raised by Susan Sibbald. The original wooden structure served the Georgiana community until 1877 when the wooden church was replaced with a field stone one.

St. George’s cemetery contains many early settlers and pioneers to the area such as Mossington and Bourchier. A famous Canadian, Stephen Butler Leacock, penned many a famous word while summering on the shores of Sibbald Point.

I find old cemeteries very interesting so I wondered around a bit.

So many old gravestones! The Chapmans, for example, have been gone for over two hundred years! It's amazing how much detail (and information!) went into the headstones.
This one is very plain and simple.

This is Stephen Butler Leacock's.

Unusual style with a birdbath ... I like it.

This one is cool because it has her signature.

This one says "Gone Home" and has a finger pointing upward.

Not a bad spot for your final resting place.

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Isabel said...

Very interesting. They have a tour for one of our cemeteries here. It's one of our older ones. I've always wanted to go on it but just haven't had a chance.