Monday 27 April 2009

Smell ya later, Dufflets

Dufflet's Pastries is in my 'hood.

On the day I moved into my condo back in June 2001, I walked to the bakery figuring I would buy some fresh bread and pastries. Yum!

But alas, they don't sell from the bakery ... just from their three stores. And some restaurants serve their cakes for dessert.

They are moving to Etobicoke today.

I'll miss them.

Depending on the day, the 'hood smelled like chocolate cake! Or gingerbread! Or cinnamon!

Real Food for Real Kids will be renting the space. According to their website, they make and deliver all-natural food to select schools.

Sounds like a good cause but I doubt they will smell as good.

1 comment:

Lord of the Wings said...

Hillarious - your comment about the kids not smelling so good had me laughing out loud for sure!

Sorry that your losing that bakery smell. . . they always smell so good when you walk by.