Saturday 10 January 2009

Chris Frolic Hypnotist Show

Gord and I attended a Singles Horizons event tonight ... the Chris Frolic Hypnosis Show. It's the third year we've gone to it.

Here's LeeAnn, the owner of Single Horizons, and Chia Kitty:

Have you ever been hypnotised? I haven't ... I'm nervous of what I would say and do. Ha! I listened to Chris' weight loss CD last Sunday, though ... I bought it a couple years ago and find it very effective.

It's hilarious to sit back and watch the volunteers.

Chris and Chia Kitty got along okay.

Chia Kitty didn't want to be hypnotised either (for the same reasons as me!).

Gord bought Chris' Beat Stress Now CD.

Here's LeeAnn, Chia Kitty and Teena:

Here's Gord, Teena, Chia Kitty and LeeAnn:

On the way home (in yet another snowstorm!), we stopped at the Cock and Tail, a pub in our 'hood. It was packed!

Chia Kitty had a hard time deciding which draught to have.


MYM said...

Chia kitty has a sweater? LOL ... ahahaha I'm dying here...hahaha.

I've been to a hypnotist show but never hypnotized. For the same reasons as you and kitty.

Teena in Toronto said...

Actually, Drowsey, Chia Kitty and I were wearing matching fleecies last night!

Unknown said...

Chia kitty gets around! I've never been to a hypnotist show but I think it would be interesting!

Anonymous said...

I was hypnotized once - a long time ago in London. It was a great experience :-)