Saturday, 29 March 2008


Gord and I went up to Jasmine and Grant's tonight to play cribbage.

Jasmine, Gord and Grant

Grant, dealer extraordinaire!



Though Gord and I have been playing crib since before Jasmine and Grant were even born, we got our butts kicked! They beat us five games to one ... six if you count the skunk!

Jasmine and Grant ... victorious!

It was a fun time!

I used to play a lot of crib. I was in a crib league when I lived in Antigonish years ago. Gord and I were in one here in Toronto for a few years (2001 - 2004). Hard to believe considering the whuppin' we got tonight!

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Joy T. said...

Every year we host Christmas Eve for Gregg's family and every year after our stomachs are full from the Christmas Eve feast, the crib board is pulled out and Gregg and his sister and his parents play crib. It's become quite a family tradition for them and it's a lot of fun to watch them give each other a hard time. Our kids can play but don't really like it and I tried it once and didn't really care for it. But it's a riot sitting and listening to my husband's family play. Glad you guys had a great time!