Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I went to St. Francis Xavier University (St. F.X.U.) in Antigonish. I ended up staying on here after I graduated in 1983 because I had met my first husband (who was from there).

I haven't been back for a while so drove down for a couple days.

I had lunch with Joyce. I was in a dart league and bowling league with Joyce and we went to bingo quite often. She was my matron of honour for my first marriage.

Joyce and Teena

Then I headed to Darlene's for a visit. Darlene is a sister of my first husband. She bundled up her two younger kids and we headed out to visit her mom (she wasn't home).

Carson, Devon, Darlene and Striker

Then I went to the university and bought some X wear.

Then I checked into my hotel room. Pauline and Diane soon arrived. Diane and her husband, Paul, moved to Toronto around the same time I did (late 1980s) and we hung out together there. They had two kids and moved back home to Antigonish. I hung out sometimes with Pauline and her husband, Perry, when I lived here. And Joyce arrived shortly thereafter.

Pauline, Joyce and Diane

It was great to catch up with them!

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