Sunday 25 February 2007

Toronto Marlies 1, Manitoba Moose 3

Gord got free tickets from where he works for this afternoon's Marlies' game (they are the farm team for the Toronto Maple Leafs).

They were playing the Manitoba Moose (the farm team for the Vancouver Canucks).

The seats were good. Alas, we lost 3 to 1. They were giving away bobbleheads of Marc Moro.

We don't live far from Ricoh Coliseum but drove anyway. It's a good thing we did because when we came out after the game, there was a snow storm happening.



Unknown said...

Looks like fun!

More snowstorms? Yuck!

~ames~ said...

We had a bunch of snow this weekend, with more expected today. Lots of fun, and here I thought things would start melting.

*neener neener* The Moose beat yous!! LOL

Anonymous said...

we've got a ton of snow with more on the way, supposed to snow most of the day, i hear it's now header your way! good luck!

The Lucky Pierre's said...

I am going with Sherry to the Hamilton Bulldogs/Marlies in March! Went to the AHL All-Star game too... it's nice being so close to the Ricoh... it's great for concerts too... I saw Beck there and his puppet show (he had puppets imitating the band on stage) and it was great.

In response to your question Teena, I work with computers all day and just don't have time for a blog anymore and I couldn't keep up with your torrid blogging anwyays ;)

Our old neighbour Monica told me about your blog... so I goggled ya and found it!

Have you heard from Mark and Monica?


Arlene said...

I've always wanted to go to a hockey game!