Monday, 26 February 2007

Book ~ "Mike, Mike & Me" - Wendy Markham (2005)

From ~ The inventive premise of Markham's winning novel involves a love triangle in both the past and the present among pretty Beau, the Mike she married, and the Mike she left behind. Beau spent her early twenties in Manhattan in the late 1980s working for a television show and dating her high-school sweetheart, Mike, who was torn between moving to New York and staying in California. Beau is waiting in an airport bar for Mike when she meets the other Mike, a handsome stranger who charms her right off the bat and asks her out. In the present, Beau is married to one of the Mikes, living in the suburbs with him and their three children, but an email from the other Mike gets her wondering about what could have been and what still could be. Markham alternates between the past and the present, not giving away which Mike Beau chose to marry until the very end of the novel.

Interesting concept for a book. I wasn't really sure which Mike she ended up with until the end ... and she picked the one I was rooting for! I like the way it kept bouncing back and forth between the 1980s and today. It was a hoot to read about the styles of clothes and hair as if it was today.

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Anonymous said...

Hey that sounds like one that I'd enjoy reading too!

BTW - I linked you up too! Thanks so much :-)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sounds like a very intertesting book!
It's strange...I don't seem to be able to read many books anymore...What I want to read are Biographies and even those...I skip around. Not sure what that is about, but that is the way it is these days!