Friday 9 September 2005

Book ~ "Mafia Chic" (2004) Erica Orloff

From ~ Teddi Gallo is a Mafia princess - the apple of her Mafia don grandfather's eye and the recipient of many "found" pairs of Jimmy Choo high heels. But Teddi tries to walk the straight and narrow by running her restaurant, Teddi's, with her cousin, Quinn, and keeping it free of Mafia business, if not of overprotective relatives. So why is Teddi, along with her roommate, Diana, attracting the attention of the FBI, in the form of agent, Mark Petrocelli? It turns out Mark thinks Diana's innocent flirtation with Teddi's cousin Tony is something more sinister but even after Teddi sets him straight, she still notices him hanging around. It doesn't help matters that Teddi is increasingly drawn to Mark over her seemingly perfect TV presenter boyfriend, Robert.

Fast and fun read ~ I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading her other books.

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