Tuesday 4 January 2022

Book ~ "Money Like You Mean It: Personal Finance Tactics for the Real World" (2021) Erica Alini

From Goodreads ~ Get a job, buy a house, spend less than you make, and retire at sixty-five. That’s advice for a world that has largely disappeared. Even good jobs today often have no guarantee of stability. Home prices have reached the stratosphere. Meanwhile, student debt drags you down just as you're trying to take off in life.

To survive and thrive in today’s reality, you need a whole new personal finance tool kit.

Global News money reporter Erica Alini blends the big picture with practical advice to give you a deeper understanding of the economic forces that are shaping your financial struggles and how to overcome them.

Packed with concrete tips, "Money Like You Mean It" covers all the bases: from debt to investing and retirement, plus renting versus buying, and even how to tell whether a side gig is really worth the effort. It’s the essential road map you need to make it in the current economy.

I work in the financial services industry so books written by Canadians about things to think about here in Canada tend to catch my eye.

This book covers many topics including having various savings buckets (retirement, house, emergencies, etc.), the different kinds of debt, saving for a house, renting versus buying, being an employee versus self-employed or freelancing, saving for retirement and the different plan options (RRSPs versus TFSAs),  different investment options, insurance, whether couples should have their own bank accounts or joint accounts, RESPs, having your family help you financially buy a house, and more!

The author states right away that the target audience for this book is the middle class.  The writing style is casual and is at a high level.  There are lots of examples to further explain things and input from those in the industry.  It's a good book to give you broad knowledge about many subjects you may not have known you have to think about.

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