Sunday 7 February 2021

Book ~ "Live and Let Pie" (2018) Ellie Alexander

From Goodreads ~ The heat is on for pastry chef, family business operator and unlikely sleuth Jules Capshaw. Just when she thought she could enjoy some time away from the kitchen, Jules manages to discover a skull during a picnic by the lake. 

As if unearthing remains that may be connected to a missing-persons case from the 1960s isn't enough on her plate, Jules must contend with the unsolved matter of her own marriage while her estranged husband Carlos sails the open seas, awaiting a verdict. 

Then there's Jules's bitter landlord Edgar, who is intent on making a sweet deal on a vacant lot down the block from Torte - until he turns up dead. If only Jules could find a recipe that would let her bake her cake and eat it too.

Juliet (aka Jules) was raised in small town Ashland, OR, but dreamed of seeing the world.  She grew up helping her parents in their bakery, Torte, and went on to culinary school.  She got a job with a cruise line and didn't get home often after that.  She met her husband, Carlos, an executive chef, on a cruise and things were going well until she discovered he had a secret.  With a broken heart, she headed home to figure things out.  It's been over two years and, though she doesn't know what will happen with Carlos, she now happily shares ownership of Torte with her mother, Helen. 

Torte's recent renovations are done.  Because there is more space, Jules has hired three new staff and promoted her existing staff.  Looking forward to having a nice picnic with her mom, she is there when some kids swimming in a lake find an old skull.  It is suspected that it is the skull of George, who disappeared years ago.  This intrigues Jules, specially when one of George's friends, Edgar, now an old man is found dead.  Edgar had a piece of land in town for sale that everyone wants (and it turns out he had promised it to everyone) so was someone mad enough to kill him?  Or is it tied to discovery of George's skull?

This is the ninth in the Bakeshop Mystery series and I liked it.  I've read most of the books in this series and have read all in this author's Sloan Krause Series.  This book works as a stand alone ... there is enough information provided.  It's written in first person perspective in Jules' voice.   It was a quick light read and is a "cozy mystery" so there is no swearing, violence or adult activity. There are recipes at the end.  I look forward to reading the others in this series.

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