Thursday 19 March 2020

Book ~ "The K Team" (2020) David Rosenfelt

From Goodreads ~ Corey Douglas and his K-9 partner, Simon Garfunkel, have recently retired from the police force. Not ready to give up the life yet, they come up with a proposal for fellow former cop, Laurie Carpenter, and her investigating partner, Marcus. Laurie and Marcus - who help out Laurie’s lawyer husband Andy on cases - have been chafing to jump back into investigating on their own, so they are in. 

They call themselves the K Team, in honor of Simon. Their first job as private investigators comes to them from Judge Henry Henderson, who's known as a very tough but fair judge and they've all come up against him in court at one time or another. Though it's hard to believe, Judge Henderson is being blackmailed and extorted, and he doesn't want to involve the police - he needs the K Team to figure out why.

Corey Douglas is a recently retired police officer as is Simon Garfunkel, a his former K-9 partner.  They team up with Laurie and Marcus to form an investigation firm called The K-Team.  Laurie is married to Andy, a retired criminal defense lawyer, and she and Marcus do investigative work for Andy.  Laurie is also a former police officer and Marcus has "persuasive" reasoning skills and provides protection when it's most needed.  Sam is Andy's accountant who is also a computer hack and Corey, as a retired police office, has an issue with how Sam gets his information.

The K Team's first client is Judge Henry "Hatchet" Henderson, a no-nonsense judge who suspects he's about to be blackmailed into doing something.  Henderson wants The K Team to find out what's going on.  As they investigate, dead bodies start popping up until they finally figure out what's going on.

There have been twenty books so far in the Andy Carpenter series and I've read them all ... this is the first in the K Team spin-off series (and I hope it won't be the last).  Laurie and Marcus have major roles in the Andy Carpenter series and Andy is in this one.  We met Corey in the last Andy Carpenter book just as he and Simon had retired.

I enjoyed this book.  After getting to know Andy (in his voice) in his series, it was interesting to see how someone else views him and how he reacts/relates with others.  The story was interesting and it didn't come together until the end.  Though it is a spin-off of another series, you don't need to have read the other series (though you should because they are good).  I like the writing style of this author as it was funny, sarcastic and amusing.  It was written mostly in first person perspective in Corey's voice but is sometimes in third person perspective when the focus is on one of the bad guys.

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