Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Johnny Farina, Ottawa, ON

I conducted four retirement planning seminars today ... that's 13 in three days. Two more days to go!

I was craving pasta so I went to Johnny Farina for supper. I love pasta!

Chia Kitty and I shared a glass of Chianti.

They started me with a bread basket with olive oil/balsamic vinegar.

I ordered the meaty lasagna special which was served with garlic toast. I love love love lasagna!

It was delicious and I ate it all!


lovesmukiwa said...

I'm not going to lie. I live vicariously through you! You go to such cool places to eat :)

LeeAnn said...

That looks amazing..I have been
craving Lasagna for weeks....but I
am on my diet.... 11 pounds gone in two weeks..whooo hoooo but
that will be the first cheat thing I will have!!

Lorna said...

I used to live not far from Johnny Farina and I've had many a glass of wine there---I'm not a garlic guy, so I used to hang out in the bar.

Teena in Toronto said...

Congrats, LeeAnn! I've got to get back on track on Monday ... it's been tough being away from home all week.

Teena in Toronto said...

Lorna: Johnny Farina seems like a happenin' place ... it was packed when I was there for supper.

Teresa said...

Another day and book it seems. Looks like a nice place to dine. Hope you are not finding your time away too long.

Lady Banana said...

Now that looks yummy!