Sunday 22 March 2009

Book ~ "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Law of Attraction" (2008) Diane Ahlquist

From Amazon ~ In The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Law of Attraction, readers learn exactly how to be their own best friend—and avoid being their own worst enemy. The secret lies in translating thoughts into positive energy that can transform life. Every person can take real, concrete actions to get the results they want in every aspect of life. Concrete, practical strategies for applying the Law of Attraction to your health, relationships, and career.

I find the whole concept of laws of attraction fascinating, whether it's true or not.

I read The Secret a couple years ago and this book is based on similar principles except it explains it all very simply.

I was driving up the Don Valley Parkway on Friday morning. Usually it's jammed and I get stuck in traffic starting at Eglinton. I kept thinking "clear highway" ... and I didn't have to slow down once. Thinking "no traffic" would have been wrong since "traffic" is what would have been "heard" and I would have been given lots of traffic. When I got to the parking lot at work, I wanted a close spot and the best one was open.

Does it work? Coincidence? Or was it because it was March Break there were less cars on the road?

What do you think about the law of attraction?

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Teresa said...

I read that book as well. I liked the idea being positive in your thoughts. What I did not like was that it was so materialistically centered.

But I do believe that you send out vibes, better you send out happy and good vibes, then run and hide kind.