Friday, 29 August 2008

See ya, Sherry and Brock!

Our neighbours, Sherry and Brock, moved today.

They bought a house in North Toronto ... with plans to get married next year and start having kids.

Brock moved in shortly after I did in 2001. Sherry moved in a couple years later.

They have been fun neighbours and we'll miss having them so handy!

Look how sad Brock is to leave!


Anonymous said...

Is Brock crying again. What a baby. :-)Monica

Tammy said...

That's sad to have friends move away, but hopefully your new neighbors will be really nice. :o)

Sarah said...

More neighbours moving! I'm sure you will have new neighbours that will be nice.

Nancy Face said...

It's so sad when friends move away! :(

Teena in Toronto said...

Mon: you are going to make Brock cry even more! You are sooo mean to him!

I'll see you at his pool party, though?

Teena in Toronto said...

Yep, more good neighbours moving. How come the cranky ones stay?!