Friday, 22 August 2008

Lost kitty

There has been a lost kitty running up and down our terraces since last night (we have 14 terraces in a row) meowing.

It's really cute ... grey and furry and maybe two months old.

We tried to catch it last night but it kept running away.

I left some food on our terrace last night and it was gone this morning.

It's still out there but won't let me near it. I zoomed in for the pic when it was hiding behind an air conditioner.

When I meow, it meows back.

Very frustrating because I'd like to catch it and take it to a kitty shelter. Our street is fairly busy and I'd hate to have it get hit by a car. But it doesn't seem to have figured out how to climb stairs to get to the street.


Isabel said...

awww, what cute little kitty. I hope you catch it soon.

Sarah said...

That looks like a cute kitten! I wonder if you can borrow a cage from an animal shelter in order to catch it. If not, maybe you could use your own cat carrier to catch it. You could put food in it and somehow close the door when the kitten goes in.

Teresa said...

Hope you catch that sweety before anything bad happens to it. So cute, sure you don't want another family memeber?

Teena in Toronto said...

The kitty won't come near us so I doubt we can catch him with/without a carrier.

We already have two cats and a dog ... that's enough.

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a cutie-patootie. Maybe if you put a towel that smells like you by the food the kitty will get used to your scent not be so frightened. Sounds like right now it's in "stranger danger" mode, poor darlin'.

Thanks for the visit. The incision isn't as painful as it looks ... it's worse. No, j/k. Thanks for the well wishes. It's getting better every day.

Mom Knows Everything said...

He's so cute!

B said...

oh teena!!!

keep trying poor thing that makes me soo sad

keep me updated on what happens if I wasn't on nights I'd come help you