Wednesday, 23 January 2008

The influence of birth order

I saw this over at Lisa's ...

Teena, your position as eldest child shows most strongly in your self-esteem.

Similar to other eldest children, you are probably in tune with who you are and what you want. You are conscious of your limitations but you are more aware of your positive qualities. Being the eldest child put you in a leadership role. To sustain this position, you learned at a young age how to leverage your positive qualities, or things you were better at than your younger siblings, to your advantage. This natural, though possibly unconscious, insight into your own personality enabled you to obtain whatever you set your sights on. People tend to enjoy your company because you are confident and have a positive outlook on life.

Go here to take the test!


Sarah said...

A lot of that sounds like you! Very interesting!!

Isabel said...

I'm the oldest child child too.

Teresa said...

Interesting test. I'm the youngest in my family. Similar to other youngest children, you likely have an astonishing ability to generate original ideas. From an early age, your natural tendency was probably to stand out from your older siblings through your unique contributions. By comparing yourself to your older siblings, your creativity naturally evolved through your desire to be imaginative in choosing your goals and your approach to achieving them. Like other youngest children, you tend to be especially innovative when feeling optimistic or when undertaking tasks that bring you joy and satisfaction.

Somewhat true I would have to say. Have a nice day.