Sunday, 9 December 2007

Gingham and Calico

Keith discovered two kittens on their porch at the end of October and took them in. Minnie has named them Gingham and Calico.

They are about four months old and very cute. Minnie is trying to find a good home for them, though deep down she'd like to keep them.



Because they are kittens, they are into wrecking everything ... plants, etc. So sometimes Minnie has to put them in "jail" for a time-out to settle them down.

They ended up with Snowflake in the same way a couple years ago.

His leg was broken and his face was scratched ... they assumed he had been tossed from a car. His leg didn't set right but it looks like he has found a good home with them.

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B said...

minnie and keith are good people!!