Thursday, 20 December 2007

Another pair of mitts finished

I finished another pair of mitts tonight. They are a varigated blue/beige/grey and I used the honeycomb pattern again.
My thought is when I make ten pair I'll take them to the local mission so they can be given to the homeless.

This is the sixth pair I've made in the last month ... I made the first pair for Sister Sarah and then two pair for myself.

So seven pair to go!


Isabel said...

That's a nice thing to do with all your mittens.

TorAa said...

A very wise thing to give to the homeless in Cold Winter Countries like yours and ours (Norway).
Warm hands (and also warm feet) is important.

btw. We did the opposite when visiting NW Argentina (Andes) a week ago: We bought sweaters made from Alpacha wool (hand knitted by the local Atacamians - Andes Pueblo) for Christmas presents to the whole family - we did buy a large bag as well to bring them back.

Felice Navidad

Teena in Toronto said...

Izzy: I've been in the mood to knit but (1) don't need anything and (2) haven't been in the mood to commit to a long term project. I can make a mitt in a night.

Teena in Toronto said...

Toraa: I'm jealous of the sweaters you brought back. I was at a craft show a couple weeks ago and a guy was selling Alpacha sweaters ... they were sooo soft!

Unknown said...

You've been knitting like crazy! They're so cute. :-)