Saturday, 30 June 2007

Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON

We are dogsitting Nova this weekend while his folks are in Halifax.

Gord was up early this morning to head to Hamilton for the day for three fencing tournaments (good luck!).

I was up early too and walked KC and Nova to Trinity Bellwoods Park and back. It's a lovely morning!

KC loves Trinity Bellwood Park!
Nova seemed to have a good time.

Two tired dogs!

KC found something stinky to roll in at the Park (why does she do that??!!) so got a bath as soon as she got home. She wasn't pleased.


~ames~ said...

good luck to gord!

kc is too cute. :P does she run around crazy after a bath? lol

i'm taking max to my grandmother's out in the country today. hopefully he doesn't roll in anything stinky because i can't give him a bath with one hand!

Anonymous said...

My Mom's dog does that too - and she's pure white so she's always a mess! (and stinky! hehe)

RennyBA said...

What a nice walk with dogs and even an extra one. How nice of you to dogsitting Nova then!

Why KC wanted to roll in that stinky thing; because he is a curious little man who wants to explore the world of course:-)

Btw: Happy Holiday and celebrations to all you Canadians!

B said...

I was in that park yesterday, I feel asleep on the grass, it was a lovely day

and glad you finally got yourself a scanner!

Arlene said...

Such cute pics, and it looks like a gorgeous day!
Frankie hates baths!!

Anonymous said...

What cute dogs. :)

Sunita said...

Cute dogs!!