Sunday 3 June 2007

Book ~ "Room For Improvement" - Stacey Ballis (2006)

From ~ Chicago interior-designer, Lily Allen, is thrilled when she gets a job on the new U.S. version of Swap/Meet, where contestants trade apartments and help redesign the apartment of the person they've traded with. What Lily didn't count on when she took the dream job was fussy contestants, a ditzy host, warring fashion consultants who've just broken up, and a competitive fellow designer. Despite the stress, Lily's best friends, high-powered attorney Hillary, and artistic Naomi, keep her balanced until they start to get frustrated with her crazy schedule. Lily barely has time to see her friends, let alone date so she puts off earnest persistent, Ron, in favor of the show's sexy new producer, Gary.

I enjoyed this book in the beginning. But as I got to know Lily, I found her to be too self-centered and horny (she slept with everyone!). That's all she was about. And she said the "F" word a lot. The ending left me thinking ... "Whatever!"

Would I recommend it? No.


Malnurtured Snay said...

So she's implying all the Trading Spaces designers are whores? I feel it!

Blog said...

hmmm...self-centred and horny.... Umm...horny? Sounds good to me, no? ;)