Friday, 19 January 2007

Raclette with Yvette

I went to my friend, Yvette's, for supper tonight. I've known Yvette since we worked together in 1999. Her boyfriend, Brian, was there too. Gord was at a work function so didn't join us.

Two of her ferrets (Lily was snoozing)
Spunky and Yvette

Yvette had told me back in November that she had a raclette. She tried to describe it to me but I didn't have a clue what she was talking about.

A raclette, I now know, is a grill. You can cook anything on it ... we had chicken, beef, peppers and onions. Under the grill are containers that heat up. In ours, we put cheese with potatoes, carrots and/or peppers. When the cheese melts, you put the contents on your plate and eat it.

Brian and Yvette and the raclette
Brian and I
When everything is cooked
Yvette and I

Racletting (is it a verb?!) is fun! It's very social ... you sit around yakking watching your meal cook. And it's fairly healthy ... because everything is cut up, it seems like you have eaten a lot more than you actually have.

I hope Yvette invites me back again soon for another one!


Titusina Andronica said...

Oooh, I so need to get me a raclette! What a neat thing!

Lynn said...

Oh I have never heard of a Raclette.
I looked at your link. Wow it sounds really cool!

Anonymous said...

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