Saturday 20 January 2007

Book ~ "Me vs. Me" Sarah Mlynowski (2006)

From ~ This is what happens to one woman when her wish comes true and she's able to choose both paths that open in front of her. Gabby Wolf isn't sure what she wants most: to marry her boyfriend, Cam, and stay in Arizona or move to New York for her dream job, producing a popular news show. She wishes she could have it both ways and, the next thing she knows, she's living two lives, going back and forth between planning her wedding to Cam in Arizona and working at the fast-paced, exciting job in New York. Neither life is perfect. Though she adores Cam, his overbearing mother is hijacking her wedding plans, while in New York, her roommate is somewhat unbalanced and the dating scene is dismal. As time goes on, the choice doesn't become any easier. Gabby still loves Cam, though she's starting to love her newly assertive self that emerges in New York, too.

It sounded like an interesting premise and I'd read a couple of Mlynowski's books in the past. I was enjoying the book ... until Arizona Gabby started getting really wimpy and letting her future mother-in-law walk all over her. I didn't mind New York Gabby (she was assertive and exciting) so wanted to finished the book to see how it ended.

Would I recommend this book? No.

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