Saturday 4 February 2023

Book ~ "Muttley" (2011) Ellen Miles

From Goodreads ~ Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. Their family fosters dogs that are in need of a permanent home. 

At first, Muttley the mutt seems untrainable but he quickly becomes a hero when he smells smoke in the Peterson's house and rescues the family.

Lizzie and her younger brother, Charles, are in elementary school. The Peterson family have a puppy named Buddy plus they foster dogs and help them find homes.

Lizzie volunteers at an animal shelter and there's a lazy puppy named Muttley who just sleeps all the time. The vet has checked him out and there's nothing wrong with him. The Petersons agree to foster him to see if Buddy can liven him up and show him what it's like being a puppy. He sleeps a lot at the Petersons but they also discover his loyalty and awareness when he awakens the household when there is a fire and becomes a local hero.

Though this book is a quick read and directed at elementary-aged children, I found it entertaining. There is a learning experience and a puppy tip at the end. It is written in third person perspective and first person from Muttley, the puppy's point of view. It is the twentieth in the Puppy Place series, which currently has 64 books in the series, and works as a stand alone.

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