Monday, 3 August 2020

8 Ink Tattoos Inc., Markham, ON

I've been wanting to get a couple more tattoos for a while.  I was going to get them when I got back from vacation with my sister in April ... but then COVID hit.  Our vacation was cancelled and most businesses closed.

Tattoo shops were allowed to open under Stage 2 last month in Toronto so I sent an email to a couple local shops.  They responded asking what I wanted but I didn't hear back from them to commit.

My pal, Aggie, posted on Instagram yesterday that she had gotten a tattoo from Angie, a friend of hers who works at 8 Ink Tattoos Inc in Pacific Mall.  I messaged back and forth last night with Angie and made appointment for noon today.

And there's Angie!

I wanted these tattoos, though I changed the colours:

Ta -da!!

She made the paw pads into hearts and
I wanted the heart with a solid rather than dashed lines

Angie was great!  She was patient with me re sizing and colours.  I'll be back!