Sunday, 13 January 2013

Rude awakening

I woke up about 4:30am ... wide freakin' awake!

About 5am, the fire alarm started going off.  There are eight units in our block and our alarms are all connected ... so when one goes off, they all go off.  The builder of our condos (Urbancrap) hadn't originally built the outside walls thick enough (so not fireproof enough) so their solution in May 2010 was to install fire alarms in all the units.

The alarms are extremely sensitive.  No matter how clean our oven is, using it usually sets off the alarm ... so we bought a toaster oven which we use most of the time instead.  When we do set it off, there is a button on the fire alarm to press to turn it off for 12 minutes.  When someone else sets it off, we wait and it is usually turned off within seconds.

This morning it didn't stop.

So I got dressed and went outside to see what was going on.  Some of my neighbours who live in our block were doing the same.  It was pouring rain ... we determined that the rain was leaking into one of the upper units which in turn was leaking right into the fire alarm into one of the main floor units.

The woman who lives in the main floor unit is an older Polish lady.  Needless to say, she was upset.  I went into her unit and called the emergency number for our property manager.  They called back a couple times and eventually said our Superintendent was on his way.

In the meantime, the alarm is still going off ... really really LOUDLY!

So I took a broom and jammed the handle against the fire alarm and it turned it stopped.  And as long as I did that, it stayed off.  So I stood there for about AN HOUR holding the broom and getting wet.

I finally had enough so climbed up on a chair and was going to rip it off the ceiling ... it was damaged anyway, right?  I gave it a twist and it came off, though the wires were still attached, and the alarm stopped.  Huh?!  When I had earlier mentioned doing that when I spoke to the property manager, she said no.  Damn, I wish I hadn't listened to her ... I would have been outta there sooner.

It was almost 7:30am by this time and I headed back to our unit.  On the way, I ran into our Superintendent so had to tell him everything.

By the time I got back to bed, I was exhausted but wired so had a restless sleep 'til I got up at 10:30am.

Needless to say, I'm not feeling over energetic.


Julie said...

Oh that would be extremely annoying!

Masshole Mommy said...

Oh that STINKS.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I would NOT have been a happy camper if that happened to me o.O