Sunday, January 13, 2013

No animals allowed

I have to be in Regina from tomorrow 'til Wednesday so I flew this afternoon.

Our flight was supposed to leave at 4:20pm.

On schedule, we were boarded, pulled out onto the tarmac and then stopped ... and we sat there for a LONG time.

Then we pulled back in.


The problem?  There was a dog in a carrier in the cargo section.  During this time of year, this isn't allowed because it gets too cold and animals could freeze to death (the temperature when we were in the air was -53C!).  I watched them take the carrier off the plane.

They explained to the owner what was going on (she was sitting one row behind me on the other side).  They escorted her off the plane in tears.

We waited while they figured out what to do.  There was one empty seat left on the plane so they asked the guy who was sitting next to the dog's owner if he would mind moving to that seat.  No problem!  The plan was she would go back to her seat and the dog/carrier would sit on the seat next to her.  The flight attendants asked everyone around us if anyone had allergies or if we minded.  Again, no problem.

Then we waited some more.

But she and her dog never came back.

I guess she changed her mind.

We finally left an hour and a half late.

What I wonder is ... why did Air Canada let the carrier be placed in cargo area in the first place and not notice until we were actually pulling away?!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's crazy! I hope you didn't miss a connecting flight or anything.

Margaret said...

This is why I never, under any circumstances, fly Air Canada. If WestJet doesn't go there - then I don't. Why didn't they just let the puppy on the plane since no one had an issue with it?

Teena said...

Robin: Regina was my end stop so I made it okay, just a bit later.

Teena said...

Margaret: I'm a points pig so fly Air Canada when I can for the points.

Margaret said...

I guess I don't fly often enough for it to matter (which is why I won't fly A/C). I hope you can at least use the points to go somewhere fun .. or warm .. or better yet BOTH. :)

It's colder than heck here today in the Peg. Hopefully it's not quite as frigid in Regina.

Masshole Mommy said...

Ya, why DID they take the carrier in the first place?? That wasn't too smart.

Teresa said...

Common sense would indicated that this should have been resolved at the check in counter long before boarding! Gak gak gak flying has lost it's charm, now it's nothing more than a big bus in the sky! I hate being nickled and dimed for every single thing, from checking in a suitcase, headsets, or food and beverages.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I completely agree with you on this one; why in the world would they have LET the pet carrier WITH the pet inside get that far when they knew it was a dangerous situation?

It's a wonderful thing they caught the problem before the flight took off!