Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My job

There are lots of things I like about my job ... I've been doing it with my current employer since August 2009.

It's not nine-to-five ... most days are different from the one before it.

I spend a lot of my day talking to people, whether it's doing seminars or one-on-ones.

I get to travel to places across Ontario and Canada that I wouldn't go to otherwise.

I get to eat out in different restaurants and stay in hotels on the company tab.

Usually when I go to someplace I've never been to before or someplace interesting, I try to check it out as a tourist ... that could mean going a couple hours or a day early.

From Monday to today, I helped my colleague, Dorothy, with one of her clients in Regina.   Because Monday started early, I flew to Regina on Sunday afternoon.  My choices were an 8am or 4pm flight ... I chose the 4pm flight.  I didn't get to the hotel 'til about 8:30pm.

We would leave the hotel in the dark at 7am and get back to the hotel in the dark just before 6pm.  The temperatures have been below freezing ... Monday was -26C (-35C with the windchill).  Brrrrr!

We each had 18 one-on-ones scheduled each day (that's a lotta yakkin'!). They have been exhausting but rewarding days.  Monday night we had supper with the brokers on the account and Tuesday night I had supper with my pal, Shawna.  So not a lot of downtime.  Back in the hotel in time to chill for a bit and then go to bed and start all over again.

I spent Monday in a training room in the basement so didn't see the light of day at all. Yesterday and today I was in a training room on the second floor ... here's my view:

So I didn't get to see a lot of Regina but what I did see was extremely cold and white.  It would be nice to come back in warmer weather and experience it more.


Teresa said...

Sounds like an interesting, but tiring job. Darn cold snap is heading our way!

Masshole Mommy said...

I always hated it when I worked outside the home and it was dark when I left for work and when I got home, too. It was such a bummer.