Thursday, 24 January 2013

Handling comments?

On Tuesday, I got two comments on a restaurant experience I'd had at Holy Chuck in November 2011.

They had screwed up my order.  I found the burger tasteless and greasy, the fries were cold and not a great deal for the cost.  I won't be back.

The comments were from "Anonymous", they were left minutes apart and the tone and spelling are the same so I'm assuming it's the same person. 

Here are they are:

At 2:33pm
Are u kidding me? I'm a burger fanatic, I've eaten burgers at practically every burger spot in toronto. If u know anything about a good quality burger, than u know holy chuck is the best in the country. It's way better than any burger I've ever had in the states too. The only burger that comes close in comparrison is Umami Burger in Los Angeles California. You really must not understand what a good quality burger is or maybe u are use to frozen crap, holy chuck is the besttttttt burger u can find in canada, they put burger priest aka BP to shame. Everything about HC is awesome, from the burgers to the excellent service of the owners, they really understand what burgers are far better than anywhere I've been to, and I've eaten at over 1,000 burger joint throughout my time and I haven't found anything that I can say comes close that I'd say is as good ad HC

At 2:35pm
Well u shouldn't eat burgers if ur concerned about your health cuz NO burgers are healthy for u dumbass.

I didn't take offense when they called me a "dumbass" (though I did delete that comment).  I don't know this A-hole and don't care what they think of me (they don't even know me).

I like that people express their opinions about the things I write about and I appreciate the honesty.  It would have been nice if instead of hiding behind their computer, this person had added a name and/or web link.

How do you handle comments like these?  Delete them or leave them?

Also, if you disagree with what a blogger has said, do you leave a comment letting them know?  If you do, I hope you're polite about it.


Masshole Mommy said...

I do think people are entitled to their opinions and sometimes I respond - sometimes I don't. I've gotten some really nasty comments, though, and those I've deleted.

Margaret said...

I don't blog but if I did I would handle it exactly how you did. They shouldn't have posted as Anonymous. They should have had the guts to stand behind their post.

I "smell" someone who works at (owns?) that restaurant and can't handle the truth. I've read your reviews here and on Urbanspoon (that's actually how I found your blog) and your reviews are always fair.

It's your blog so you get to make the rules but I think that if someone uses offesnive language their comment should get deleted. Not because I'm a "prude" but because I am careful what I post (most of the time).

I post comments on sports articles on Yahoo but we're SUPPOSED to trash the other team in those comments. Those articles and comments are post at your own risk. You can't take the heat of someone calling you out then don't post.

Fizzgig said...

i leave the bad comments. usually they are from random people and not a regular reader who actually has taken the time to read ALL your posts, and "know" you as best you can know someone from what they post. Everyone has an opinion. and if we all had the same tastes and interests the world would surely be boring, and no one would ever try new things.

Of course, there is a way to disagree with someone by simply stating YOUR opinion, and you shouldn't resort to name calling, we all learned from childhood, that is just not nice!

And...aren't most of the stupid comments you receive "anonymous"? that should tell you something.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I have gotten nasty comments before. I hadn't gotten one in ages and got one about 2 weeks ago. I deleted it from comment moderation and didn't acknowledge it either. There are way too many people out there who are bored and have nothing better to do with their time.

Teresa said...

It is your right to say whatever you want. It was your experience and your opinion. When people read a blog they can take or leave what they want. Just because it is someone's opinion does not make it an absolute. Its like when people rate a hotel, not all reviews are positive and glowing. At any rate, set up the approval function, and decide which comments get posted. Take care

Swordsman said...

I wrote a book review praising the book but criticizing the amateurish artwork. Somebody left a comment, likely the artist, saying that I didn't know what I was talking about and then called me fat.
It was hilarious!

Isabel said...

How rude of them. If you did't like the burger, you didn't like it. I think you handled the comments well.