Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Diggin' my new digs

Our department moved over the weekend. 

I had seminars to conduct Monday and yesterday so wasn't in the office 'til today.

We didn't go too far ... just up one floor.

Our workstations were in a pod of six ... now we are spread out in a line.  BTW, those ugly grey storage units are going to be removed (hopefully ASAP).

I only had two bins so it didn't take me long to unpack.

Here's my workstation ... my home away from home when I'm in the office.  I have a window ... sweet!

They are building two condos next door so I'll enjoy the view while I can.

I like it!


My Little Corner said...

Interesting! It's always fun to get a glimpse of where people work. I think I'd like that view as well.

Isabel said...

lucky you! I've never had a window seat. :(

Masshole Mommy said...

Love that it's so bright at your new desk!!

Lady Banana said...

Nice little area, I wish I had a window. I have my own little room which is cute, but windowless..