Saturday, September 22, 2012

Aren't we cute?!

Sister Sarah joined us today at lunch and came back to the hotel (she's spending the night with me in my room).

Here we are before we went out to supper ... Elaine, Sister Sarah, me and Chrissy.

Kind of a blurry shot (Chrissy took it holding my camera) but aren't we cute?!

It ended up being a quiet night.  We had supper at Baton Rouge and then came back to our rooms.

We are sooooo wild and crazy, aren't we?!


Liz Mulchey said...

Looking fine ladies! :) Sounds like you had a great time Tee! A big hi to Sister Sarah too! :)

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Look at you guys! It looks like you guys had a ton of wild and crazy fun ;)

Hey, I believe if you're with good friends, you don't need to be wild and crazy to have fun!

Fizzgig said...

any time spent with your girlfriends is wild and crazy! what a great looking bunch!!!