Friday, 24 August 2012

Do you give your seat up on transit?

BlogTO posted Why don't TTC riders give pregnant women their seats? today.

It has resulted in a heated and lively discussion in the comments.

Some say they do automatically offer their seat to pregnant women.  Some say they have offered their seat but have gotten rebuffed so don't anymore.

Others say they paid for their seat so why should they give it up to anyone for any reason?

And others say, though they don't look like they need the seat might because they just worked a 12 hour shift or have something wrong that isn't obvious so why should they give up their seat just because a woman is pregnant?

The pregnancy part is irrelevant to me.  If someone, whether they are pregnant, elderly or disabled, looks like they need a seat, I don't hesitate to offer it.  But if they don't look like they need one, I don't.

What about you?


Fizzgig said...

i wouldn't know what to do...i have never had to use public transit. But i like to think that if i saw someone who looked worse off than myself, that I would offer my seat.

Isabel said...

I never did. But i was never in a situation where there was a need to.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I don't take much public transport anymore but when I do, I would offer up my seat for anyone pregnant or elderly or handicapped. I used to take public transport when we lived in the city and I had people not give up their seat when I was pregnant with my first born.

Lady Banana said...

I have done, but rarely as I never get given a seat. I was in so much pain with my back a few weeks ago I was almost squatting - no one cared to give me a seat even then..

It's a sad world, or maybe it's just the nasty impersonal city of London..