Wednesday, 4 April 2012

"Titanic" in 3D

James Cameron has added 3D effects to Titanic.

I saw it when it first came out in the theatres back in 1997 and thought it was good ... better than I'd expected.

I've watched bits and pieces of it on TV over the years.

According to the Toronto Star ...

[Cameron] spent a reported $18 million and 60 weeks revamping Titanic, and the evidence is in every second of the film’s 3½-hour running time. The images are sharper and the screen is more brightly lit, eliminating the common 3D annoyance of feeling as if you are watching while wearing sunglasses.

Will you go see it in 3D?  I might.


Lady Banana said...

Probably not, I saw the original and although it was good it was looong!

Also it's expensive..

16.75 GBP = 26.5050 USD per ticket!

How much do you pay over there?

Gill said...

I'd love to see it in 3D

Isabel said...

not in 3d. But i loved the movie when it came out.

Teresa said...

Nope, can not watch any 3D stuff as I suffer from motion sickness. Plus I've seen this movie way tooooooo many times.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Unfortunately, 3D movies give me migraines o.O So probably not.

However I do know a friend who can't wait to see it in 3D because this is like her FAVORITE movie of all times!