Sunday, January 29, 2012

Princess Teena?

I've always been interested in genealogy.

I signed up to last spring and inputted what I knew about my mother and father's sides of my family, in addition to Gord's.

And it's just like the commercials say ... small green leaves appear on the top right corner of a person's box if there is anything in the system about them. It could be historical documents or if this person is included in someone else's tree. Very cool!

The bad thing is is that it's addictive ... it's not hard for me to get lost for hours and hours in there.

I've ended up in touch with some distant cousins plus some of Gord's not-so-distant ones.

I'd heard that I was related to Marilyn Monroe and I was able to track how. Her first husband, James Dougherty, was my first cousin, twice removed on my father's side. My great grandmother and Marilyn's former father-in-law were sister and brother.

This afternoon I was checking some leaves attached to my 9th great grandmother on my father's side, Martha (1640 - 1714). I came across a document that was prepared in 1929 tracking the lineage my 5th cousin, 4x times removed, Sophia.

For fun, I started inputting who in the document would be my ancestors. It goes ultimately took me back to Pepin de Heristal, who was apparently my 41th great grandfather (635 - 714). Also included in the lineage was King Edward I of England (1239 - 1307), who I was my 22nd great grandfather. His son, Edward II, succeeded him as king. My family branched off through Edward II's sister, Joan, my 21st great grandmother.

Crazy, eh?

This is picture is of King Edward I ... can you see the resemblance?!


Margaret Antkowski said...

Teena - my future father-in-law has also become addicted to He's traced part of his family to the time of Anglo-Saxon kings as well and it seems that he's related to William the Conqueror.

I think anybody who has English ancestry is lucky as the record-keeping and the opening up of the archival information is much better than the situation in Eastern Europe. Due to wars and skirmishes in many spots of the borderlands in Poland/Russia/Ukraine, even in the 20th century, many archival documents were lost or burned. And so, it makes it more difficult for me to trace my family tree back past the info we have via oral history.

Lucky you! And yes, there's a faint resemblance.

Suburban Princess said...

Ancestry is like crack! I keep thinking I will buy another month but worry I wont do anything but scour for info for 30 days!

I managed to get back to the 1600s with one kings or queens yet tho! No skeletons either.

Isabel said...

that is soo cool. One day i want to spend all my time on ancestry. I wonder who I'll find in my tree.

Teresa said...

My sister is a ancestry addict.. I have yet to hear the call. Have fun.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I bow down to the Princess Teena *bows* Hehe!

I must admit, that is seriously cool-I've dabbled a little bit with through my Aunt because I can't afford to do it myself, and I can see where it really does get addicting xD