Thursday, January 12, 2012

Corin Raymond needs your Canadian Tire money

I've been hearing about Toronto folksinger Corin Raymond and how he's asking for donations of Canadian Tire money so he can record an album.


It all started when Corin wrote a song called Canadian Tire Money and people started giving him Canadian Tire money at concerts. He didn't know what to do with it ... until he discovered The Rogue Studios accepts it at par. Sweet! So now he's trying to get enough to make the album.

If you are interested, he's recording the album at The Tranzac Club on January 24 and 25. Apparently you can even buy tickets with Canadian Tire money.

Here's his Facebook page.

Gord and I have seen him somewhere in the last couple of years ... the Cameron House maybe? I remember him because I liked his voice and this song stuck with me (I even had it on my ipod 'til my old laptop crashed and I lost it).

January 2013 Update: He did it!

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Krewe Chief said...

small time should be in the Canadian Song Writers Hall of Fame