Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cat in the cockpit grounds Toronto-bound airplane

Did you hear about this kitty story?

From today's Toronto Star ...

An Air Canada flight was grounded for several hours Wednesday morning after a cat got loose in the airplane and hid in the cockpit.

“We now have a ‘lost cat in airplane’ file that’s got one piece of paper in it after this morning,” said Peter Spurway, spokesman for the Halifax International Airport Authority.

Flight 603 from Halifax to Toronto had been scheduled to leave at 5:40 a.m. before Ripples the cat escaped from its carrier and ran into the cockpit.

The crew scoured the plane as the cat’s owner called out to her pet.

Eventually they determined that the cat had “weaseled its way down into the wiring of the cockpit,” Spurway said.

The cat was found and returned safely, but the flight remained grounded until the cockpit wiring could be checked for damage.

“The maintenance folks had to take panels off… inside the cockpit in order to get at the cat,” Spurway said. Once Ripples was removed, they had to reassemble the cockpit and ensure that no damage had been done to the wiring or hardware.

In the end, though, “there was no real damage done.”

He said despite the delay and some rescheduling, most passengers took the excitement in good humour.

“I’ve heard of animals…that travel in carriers down below…I’ve heard of them getting lost in the belly of the plane, or animals getting loose on airport property,” Spurway said.

“But this, this is the first time I’ve heard of this.”

The flight finally took off around 10 a.m. local time.

So glad he was found safely.

As much as I love kitties (and tabbies), I'd be pissed if I'd been delayed almost four hours because of this. I hope the owner will be more careful with the carrier next time.


High Heeled Life said...

Image walking into a meeting late with there was a cat in cockpit of the plane... lol.. beats the dog ate my report.

I can only image how horrified and embarrassed the owner of the cat must have been. Sometimes things happen and we just have to smile...and be grateful we were not on that plane with all the delays. xo HHL

Teresa said...

Too funny, but not for the passengers.

Lady Banana said...

Poor kitty, must have been terrified!

Nancy said...

I don't really understand why it took HOURS!?

rawi-warin said...

@Nancy It took hours because the crew needed to check if there were any damage to the wiring and hardware caused by the cat. This flight delay is fully justifiable.