Saturday, 3 December 2011

Hamilton woman brings home eight street dogs from India

There is a heartwarming story in today's Toronto Star by Jim Rankin about a woman from Hamilton (about 45 minutes from Toronto) who has rescued a dog and her seven puppies in India.

It is not unusual for Naz Sayani to bring home wounded animals and strays. There have been birds, a rabbit, even a bat. Right now in her Hamilton home, for example, there are five cats.

Come this weekend, provided all goes well, there will be a stray dog named Sweetie and her seven puppies to add — all rescued from the streets of Surat, India, where no one wished to give them a home.

Sayani, a part-time McMaster University teacher who is flying them home in person, has a love story to tell, complete with mean kids with rocks, long drives in a rented car and cruel hotel staff.

She and her daughter were in Surat, India, and they were amazed by the amount of dogs that were living on the streets, abused, hurt and sick.

Sayani got attached to Sweetie and her seven puppies and did what she could to protect them.

What they really needed protection from was the schoolchildren, somLinke of whom had dogs at homes as pets but regarded street dogs as lesser canines. The children threw stones and bricks at them.

Sayani fell in love with the pups and gave them names. The boys are Snowy, Prairie, Sacha, Jersey and Patches and the girls are Bashie and Coonie.

You can read the story here.

She's bringing Sweetie and her puppies home to Hamilton and looking for homes for them. If interested, you can contact her at

December 4 update: The dogs are here! Yippee!


Anonymous said...

Aww, I wish I could take a puppy. We already have one though and hubby says we don't need another. If I could I would foster too.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

What a beautiful story-Just goes to show you that people still have a heart of gold when it comes down to it :)

And I'm so happy for that lovely dog and her puppies!