Monday, August 29, 2011

Crazy Lady starts my day

I haven't blogged about Crazy Lady in a while.

She's still around, taking up more than one parking spot. When I park, I actually get out of my car and make sure I'm within the lines ... she doesn't. I still park away from her so she can't box me in again. I usually head to the last spot and she's in the first or second. Sounds memodramatic ... it's just parking, right?

Last week was the first time I've seen her in a while. We shared an elevator twice and ignored each other.

This morning we met at the elevator. Crazy Lady got in first. As I was getting on the elevator, I said hello to Tina, the cleaning woman for the building, who was in the area.

Crazy Lady: Are you talking to me?
Me: No, I was saying hello to Tina.
Crazy Lady (aggressively): You are such a f-king bitch. You are such a f-king bitch.
Me: Don't talk to me.
Crazy Lady: You are such a f-king bitch.
Me: Don't talk to me.
Crazy Lady: You are so selfish. You can't park. You always park in more than one spot.
Me: I can't park? You're the one who parks in a spot and a quarter every day.
Crazy Lady: I do it so you can't park there.
Me (sweetly and sarcastically as I was getting out of the elevator since we'd reached my floor): Have a nice day!
Crazy Lady: Have a nice day? I hope you have a terrible day!
Me (sweetly and sarcastically as I was walking down the hall): Have a nice day!

Great way to start the week! You see now why I call her "Crazy Lady"?!

I don't want to get into it with anyone, especially over parking. There are lots of spots for everyone so it's not like we're fighting over the last one. She's just a nutbar.

I debated whether to report it to the property manager or not but I decided to in case it escalates.

Hard to believe that she is a personal assistant of some financial company bigwig! Good thing she doesn't work for the same company as me ... imagine running into her at a meeting?!


Suburban Princess said...

Jeez! Why does she care where you park? Good for you for reporting it!

Julie said...

DAMN! What a psycho? For someone to purposely park that you so you CAN'T park there has SERIOUS issues. Wowza.

High Heeled Life said...

Sounds like she has some issues within herself that she needs to take care of. How awful that you unfortunately are in the line of her venting. You handled it well, always smile and kill them with kindness, eventually she'll go away to someone who will give her attention. xo HHL

From Dax's Mum said...

Good thing she doesn't work for the same company - she'd be hauled into HR as you'd be able to lodge a complaint!

My Little Corner said...

I would walk - no RUN - as far away from this lady as possible! And never have contact with her again! Toxic, toxic, toxic.

Or, you should give her a hug one day. That'll blow her mind! Maybe she's got more problems than you could possibly imagine. Deliver some flowers to her one day and see what happens next.

Tatiana said...

She's a piece of work alright... I can't believe she even has a job with that attitude. With any luck she'll just get kicked out of the parkade...

Cindy said...

Oh my! She is a personal assistant in a financial company?!>!
Too bad she didn't go to school and learn a few more words. Weird, no wonder you call her the crazy lady!

Teresa said...

Geez Louise she's a real loon! Good luck with that! Sorry you had to start of the week on such a bad foot.

Tina said...

omg cant beleive shes still around doing her crazy parking lol ... and hoooow rude of her to speak to u like that! kuckoo !!

merrimerri said...

Scary, I can't IMAGINE having to deal with someone like that... Gads .

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Oh, woooooow....Yes, now I can DEFINITELY see why she is referred to as 'Crazy Lady.'

Honestly, I think there is something mentally wrong; Bipolar maybe?