Monday, October 18, 2010

Kobo eReader

Last month Gord surprised with with a Kobo eReader. What a sweetie!

Considering how much I love to read, how handy would it be having up to 1000 books in one small light device?! It comes with 100 classics already loaded.

The battery lasts for 10 days or 10,000 page turns. You charge it like you do an ipod.

Life has been hectic (I've been out of town a lot) so I haven't had a chance to really take a look at it. I initially found it really confusing so put it aside 'til I had some time.

I finally sat down tonight to figure out how to get books onto it.

You have to open an account with Kobo which looks and acts similar to itunes. Like itunes, buying ebooks online is easy since there is a link on your account.

There are thousands and thousands of free ebooks out there and I was interested in tapping into those first.

Then I had to download Adobe Digital Editions ... that saved the ebooks onto my laptop. From there, I had to direct them (in Adobe Digital Editions) to go to the Kobo (it's an option). Then in the Kobo program, I had to "update" and then "sync" (like in itunes) the ebooks to get them onto the eReader. See why I needed to set some time aside to figure it all out? The instructions that come with the Kobo and what is online didn't really tell me a lot ... I figured it out by stumbling around.

Where to get free ebooks ...

The Toronto Public Library has thousands and thousands of downloadable ebooks. You have to have a library card and you can "borrow" the ebooks for three weeks. I downloaded a couple and they seem to be in "pdf" format and are considered on the eReader to be documents rather than books ... but they are still readable.

Kobo has a couple hundred free ebooks available.

Chapters Indigo has over 22,000 free ebooks available ... I downloaded about 20 random ones tonight.

Do you have an eReader, either a Kobo, a Kindle or something else?


Jayne Doe said...

That sounds cool!

Isabel said...

That is cool. Lucky!

Lord of the Wings said...

That is a really cool device . . . but it sounds like a complicated start. What is it like to read from? ie the screen on the eyes, or glare etc?

Haley-O (Cheaty) said...

So nice of Gord! I love my Kobo! I have a hard time finding downloadable books because I read newish ones -- good to know about the Toronto Pub Library! Thanks!

Tatiana said...

No not yet, which is odd since I'm a voracious reader. But I can't seem to decide on a model... and the itunes set up would irk me since I hate itunes.

Lady Banana said...

I have a iBooks on my iPhone but I don't use it as it's too small a screen to be comfortable.

Will be a while before I give up real books I think as I love the smell and feel of them!

Tina said...

that looks kinda funky. and great for you cuz u love your reading.