Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Geek Squad Universal Play & Charge Solution for iPod Car Install Kit

I bought my ipod in March.

I call it a brick because it's so big ... because it holds about 40,000 songs.

I discovered that the Monster receiver kit that I'd bought last year didn't support it ... so I couldn't play my ipod while I was driving. My old ipod had worked fine with it.

With the system we have, it plugs into the lighter and we have to tune in to radio frequency to use it. Once we get out of that range, we have to find another frequency. It's a pain, especially when we're driving!

Gord could play his ipod in the car but it wouldn't charge (his is a newer model).

I was determined to fix all that.

I discovered at Best Buy this afternoon that they have a built-in receiver system. It was $100 and they install it for free.

I got it!

I was so excited ... I couldn't wait to use it! Alas, my ipod wouldn't work with this system either. Sigh ...

Gord tried his and it worked. Yay! Sigh ...

So I loaded about 1000 songs onto my old ipod and it worked. Yay! So that's my car ipod.

September 1 Update: It was also to be able to listen to my tunes on my ipod! I listened to Pat Benatar's True Love on my way home.


Swordsman said...

Hope you can get by with just a thousand songs.

Isabel said...

Nice!! The new car comes with a plug so we can play the ipod. I still have to play with it one day.

Tina said...

ive never had an ipod. i guess i would get no use out of it really