Monday, 28 June 2010

Spare room is no longer a junk room

Gord and I have a two bedroom condo in a townhouse.

The spare room used to have a futon in it. But it had gotten old and we threw it out in the fall. There was also a desk ... but since we both have laptops now, we never used it.

So the spare room became a junk room that I rarely came into.

And I wasn't happy with that.

I wanted it to be a cozy den ... a place I could go to read when Gord is watching TV.

Gord and I are on vacation this week ... one of my goals was to do something about fixing up the spare room. Today we bought a futon, a couple of cushions and a TV stand.

Here's the before picture where the old futon used to be (see what I mean about it being a junk room?!) ...

And here is the after picture with the new futon and cushions ...

And here is the desk we never used ... what a mess!

Here's the after picture of the same spot with the new TV stand and the TV we had in our bedroom but never used.

BTW, the styrofoam cooler has all the stuff from the shelves on the desk ... I have to figure out what to do with the post-in notes, tape, etc. I still have some work to do with this room but it's soooooo much better!

My bookcase in this room was also driving me crazy too ... another disaster area!

I rearranged it tonight too. I turned it against the other wall and that worked out so much better.

I threw out so much stuff ... books, papers, etc.

Gord still had to rearrange his bookshelf. We're going to move it opposite to mine so it takes up less space and there's balance. That's his chore for the week.

Can you tell that Morgan likes the new futon?!

I'm so much more content ... I've been in the spare room all evening and can see spending lots of time in here now.


Isabel said...

Our spare room is a junk room too. I have a week off so hopefully i can get rid of some crap.

Tina said...

thats alot better. bet it took you ages lol.

i see morgan has a new room and seat!

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Angie in TO said...

It's coming along great Teena, and I don't think the kitty minds the new area to sleep either1 ;)

Teresa said...

Enjoy your reclaimed space. Have a great holiday.

lovesmukiwa said...

Very nice! Congrats on getting it done. It feels so good to get projects completed :)

Fizzgig said...

yes, morgan seems content with the new futon!!! i love looking at peoples houses. i see you have a pee wee herman doll lol.

i love the new look! its hard to downsize/reorganize!

Lady Banana said...

It's such a great feeling to clear out the junk, but sadly around here it has a nasty habit of returning in some other form lol

Julie said...

Good job, Teena! The room looks fantastic (and yes, Morgan looks right at home on that futon :)

Lord of the Wings said...

Nicely done. We need a spare room just to make a junk room, so that our main room & bedroom wasn't the junk room. Enjoy your study!