Friday, 19 March 2010

Quest to weigh 1,000 pounds

Donna Simpson from New Jersey is 43-year-old and weighs about 600 pounds. Her goal is to weight 1,000 pounds and become one of the world’s heaviest women.

To reach her target, she needs to consume up to 12,000 calories a day, which costs about $600 a week.

She has decided to set up a website and charges men to watch her eat ... she's making about $3,000 a month.

She is married and her husband, Robert Simpson, is 150 pounds. He adores her body and supports this endeavor. They have a young child together.

She is so heavy now that she can't walk and needs a scooter to get around.

I'm trying to lose a few pounds and this woman is trying to gain so much more. She definitely has emotional issues.

What do you think?


Tatiana said...

I'm baffled by this lady, the cost to her body and health seem staggering. She can't WALK?

LeeAnn said...

Insane! She should join us
at the Old Mill tomorrow :-)

Packing away flannel sheets? It is snowing here!

Teena in Toronto said...

She'd be in her glory at the Old Mill!

Tina said...

omg that is a disgrace!! imagine lifting all that up to use the loo!!

By way mate i have a new url domain name. My blog name is still the same. If you dont mind could you change my old url in your blogroll to this one instead:

Thanks :)

lovesmukiwa said...

I am completely stumped by this. Completely stumped.

Anonymous said...

Awesome for real:) love the idea it's hot

BetteJo said...

Sounds like a death wish to me. Yuk.