Monday, 22 February 2010

Forgotten bank accounts

Could you have some money in a bank account you have forgotten about?

Accounts, regardless of your bank, eventually get turned over to the Bank of Canada.

At the end of December 2008, approximately 1,023,000 unclaimed balances, worth some $351 million, were on the Bank's books. Over 93.5% of these were under $1,000, representing 31.7% of the total value outstanding. The oldest balance dates back to 1900.

Click here to see if you have any unclaimed balances.

I checked for myself and close family members, and alas, we have no surprise windfalls.


Teresa said...

Nope, nothing for me to be found either.

WaistingTime said...

I checked something similar in the states here too. No windfall for me either. But there is still the lottery:)

Tatiana said...

Nope, no money here either. I wonder how that money just came to be lost, I'm not poor, but I'd notice if I 'lost' a grand. Excluding the obvious i.e. deaths with no relatives, etc.)