Monday, 23 November 2009

Warranty Elephant

Where do you keep your warranties for the stuff you buy?

I have a jewelry chest (there's more junk in it than jewelry!) and that's where I tend to stick the warranties.

I lift the lid and chuck 'em in.

Once every couple of years I clean out my jewelry chest and throw out any expired warranties.

I've been lucky in that I've haven't had to use them ... well, except for that camera I bought in May 2008 that gave me nothing but trouble (which I've since replaced).

I've recently come across Warranty Elephant. It is a free service that will replace my "chuck 'em in the jewelry chest" system since it will organize my warranty information.

My warranty information is stored (for free!) and listed by date of warranty expiration. I can click on the item to see all the warranty information on that product, including any telephone numbers and the product’s serial number.

I can even upload a copy of my warranty and my invoice so I don’t have to dig through all the junk in my jewelry chest.

They will send me reminder emails at three months, one month and a week before my warranty expires so I can check the item and make sure it is in good working order.

I love free services like this!


Mariposa said...

Very useful info, thanks!

And thanks for the greetings...I almost forgot.

Robert Campbell said...

They also have medi elephant which remembers medical prescription expiry dates. Just thought I'd add that. All in all its a pretty smart business, even if nobody ever uses it.

Teresa said...

Now thats a useful tool. If only I can remember where I put those darn things.

Steven S said...

Wow, pretty cool. Took your advice and signed up. For someone like me who forgets everything, this is invaluable.

Tina said...

i have a folder in a drawer with my stuff in which overflows alot lol

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