Friday, October 16, 2009

Most drivers using cellphones will get lectures

Here in Ontario, it will be law that drivers can't be caught using hand-held phones, texting or fiddling with their GPS or iPod.

I can't wait!

Drivers using cell phones or texting are so dangerous and shouldn't be on the road.

It was supposed to start October 1 ... then it was pushed to the end of October.

There's an article in today's Toronto Star that now it doesn't kick in 'til February. Until then, drivers will receive lectures during the grace period. Lectures?!

Sigh ...

You can read the article here.

Is there a law re hand-held phones, texting or fiddling with their GPS or iPod where you are? Should there be?


Lady Banana said...

Yep, it is illegal to use a phone whilst driving in UK.

But, whenever I am walking I see people blatantly breaking the law and no one notices.

There are just not enough police to enforce this law sadly

Tina said...

like dianna said its already law in sunny uk! but you see so many drivers still doing it driving 20 miles an hour!

where are the police when you need them!

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