Monday, July 27, 2009


Gord took today off so we'd have a long weekend together.

KC hasn't been herself the last couple days. She hasn't really been pooing since Saturday and she's had blood in her pee since yesterday. So we took her to the vet this morning. We were able to get a pee sample while we were there that they analyzed but we couldn't get a poo sample 'til this evening (I'll drop it off tomorrow). The vet doesn't know what's wrong so put her on some mild medication. She has lots of energy and is eating ... I hope whatever's wrong passes soon.

I spent a couple hours working this afternoon on some courseware.

I had been given a bottle of Pol Roger Extra Cuvée De Réserve Champagne Brut 1999 at Christmastime and we opened it today.

Waaaaay more expensive than we usually buy ($84) and we savoured it!

Gord BBQed his Rum Runner Ribs for supper ... yum!


Teresa said...

Hope KC feels better soon. You should have taken the day off work too. Hope you enjoyed the bubbly.

Fizzgig said...

mmmm that champagne sure beats the $5 bottle of cooks Im accustomed to!

Lady Banana said...

Oh dear, I hope KC is all better very soon :)

Tina said...

uw very nice. im not used to such luxuries lol ;)

Lord of the Wings said...

Those ribs look mighty fine!