Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Does anyone else read the obituaries?

I skim them everyday in the newspaper. Not because I'll know anyone ... Toronto is too big. And not because I'm morbid.

I do it because I'm interested in their stories. It's the same reason I'm attracted to old graveyards.

Were they old? Were they young? Were they loved?

And it is especially interesting how their passing is described. Usually it's "Peacefully ..." or "Passed away in his home ..." or "Following a courageous battle with cancer ...".

Today, though, there are some odd ones (at least I think so as I'm not religious). "Peacefully promoted to Glory ..." and "Peacefully while traveling through the clouds on her way home ...".

It's funny to see the ones that say "Reunited with her husband, Bob, in Heaven ..." and you read on to see that she married Bill after Bob passed on and was still married to Bill when she died. Will Bill be reunited with her AND Bob when he passes on? Hmmm ....

What do you think about writing your own obituary so it expresses everything you want said?


Fizzgig said...

i never read them. i find its bad karma!

thats my excuse anyway

Isabel said...

I don't really read them unless I'm looking for a certain one. Like when Nana passed.

Mee mOe said...

7 days left until your blogoverary, if I'm not around then "Happy early Blogoverary"...Have a good one !!!

Mee mOe said...

Blogoversary...I for got the

Season said...

I no longer get the paper, but when I did I looked at them always thinking I would see someone I once knew. It is kind of creepy, but I'm like you... I like old graveyards. I think it is a good idea to write your own obituary. Or at least write it down with your will. Hopefully your family will see that your final wishes are done like you asked.

Sarah said...

Where I am from In England a small town ther eis a local newspaper called the Evening Herald. My gran who I grew up with read them everyday and alway commented on either knowing someone.Thats the forst thign she looked at everyday. Kinda a bit mormid but she was nosey too. I grew up with her from the age of 7 til I was 18 and found myself doing it too until I moved to the USA. Great blog xxx

Lord of the Wings said...

Obituaries can be really interesting.

And I love cemetaries. You can learn so much if you take the time to read and explore. The older the better in my opinion!