Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I've been a fan of incense for about 25 years.

I can remember when I was first introduced to it ... I was visiting my then sister-in-law and she had a stick of incense burning in her kitchen. I got hooked and have been buying them ever since.

I've tried different brands over the years.

But I keep coming back to Gonesh ... they smell strong which lasts a while.

And you know me ... the smellier, the better!

I had bought some inferior incense last year and was waiting to use them up 'til I could buy some of the good stuff.

They just never seemed to end!

The nice incense I bought yesterday pushed me over the edge and I realized what I'd been missing.

So this morning I threw away what I had and bought some Gonesh at Walmart ... ten packages.

I have ocean scent burning right now ... I'm very happy.


Teresa said...

Incense has made a big return to popularity. What a blast from the past.

Sarah said...

You introduced me to Gonesh and that is all I've ever used.

Jonette said...

Wow, incense. I do recall this as one of the strongest parts of my teenage years. Favorite scent? It's a toss up between jasmine and frankincense. Gosh, the memories. :)