Saturday, 30 May 2009

Could charging smokers to clean up mess catch fire?

From today's Toronto Star:

Smoking is expensive, but not as pricey as it could be if smokers had to pay to clean up the butts they toss aside.

Since the ban on smoking in public buildings and workplaces took effect a few years ago, it has become an outdoor activity, attested to by the perpetual presence of puffers near doorways.

A few places provide a receptacle for butts, but most smokers prefer to flick their spent cigarettes into the street with flair, believing it to be a divine right.

You can read the rest of the story here.

Should a pack of smokes be increased with the $$ going towards cleaning up the mess they leave after themselves?

I so agree with this idea!

I hate seeing smokers flicking their butts ... the street and sidewalks aren't their ashtrays!


Sue said...

I agree! It is so gross when people's butts are left littering the streets.

David said...

this habit of smokers is quite filthy and incomprehensible, only worse when they throw lit cig's from cars in the forest ( where my town is)

Carly said...

Hi Teena :)

I say "YEP." I am so sick of smokers ignoring the "NO SMOKING" signs and lighting up, and then, flicking their nasty, cancer spreading habit anywhere they feel like. YES they need to pay for their inconsiderate behavior. YES!

Rita said...

Your photo reminds me of the grounds in front of my daughters apartment building. Each of the upper floor units have a balcony and the tenants sit out and toss their butts over the railing.

The ground is littered year round with a mat of cigarette butts and the grass will not grow. I have complained to their management company and suggested that each tenant should be accessed a clean-up fee as part of their monthly rent.

Recently, a tall container with a small hole to drop in the butts has appeared at the entrance where smokers congregate but they will still flip the remains into the yard.

Thanks for discussing such a timely topic and yes it is certainly on the subject. Litter is forever growing.

We need this type of reminder .

Claudia Goulart said...

The Cenário Atyal is one year and thanks you for visiting!
I hope you visit us sometimes.
I was curious at how you came to the blog.

Mirage said...

Yesterday, a guy was smoking at the elevator in our building, when I got in, he just hid it behind him but of course you can still smell that lol. I think to tax the manufacturers like 60% is better lol!!!

If only every country will be like Denmark...

Laura said...

I think it's a start. Would be nice if they could clean up the mess themselves.

Jenn Jilks said...

It works for me, too! found cigarette butts on our My Muskoka lakeshore today. Yuck.

Haley-O said...

I say YES YES YES! I'm trying to get over a cough after a BRUTAL cold. I was doing great on my walk today, until I passed a smoker. Then, it was over. Major cough attack. And I've been coughing all day, dammit. So, I say YES YES YES. Make 'em payyy!

Bonggamom said...

I totally agree with you.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A good idea, Teena!

Gretchen said...

I sure can get behind that, too! My bad habit is drinking too much Coke Classic. Should I feel free to just throw the cans/bottles around? Of course not! Why do smokers feel they have the right to litter?

Dr. J said...

Our city had a "Trash Trooper" program that I volunteered for. I was deputized by the Sheriff and could write people up for littering. We used license plate numbers. They would get a letter from the Sheriff warning them if it happened twice they would be fined! We never had a repeat offender. The program went bye-bye with our economic downturn and loss of funding :-(

Jeanne said...


First, thanks for visiting my new blog!

As far as the cigarette butts, it saddens me to see a picture like that. That picture takes littering to a whole new level.

As a patient with multiple chemical sensitivity... cigarette smoke makes me extremely, extremely ill.

To get into the hospital I go to for treatment of one of my chronic illnesses, I have to find a way to navigate through a pack of smokers. It literally takes my breath away.

Obviously cigarettes should not be dumped by doorways. What is interesting at the hospital I mentioned is that it is part of a large university campus that outlawed all smoking anywhere on campus, including in parking lots and such.

Unfortunately there is no enforcement and now I see even more cigarette butts strewn around and walk through more packs of smokers to get into the hospital now than before the no smoking was enacted.

This is a very large hospital. This is the only logical door for me to enter. Not that it would matter because the next door down (the cancer center entrance) is just as clogged with smokers.

It saddens me that even the entry door of a cancer center is routinely clogged with smokers. Clearly the last thing cancer patients need as they access the cancer treatment center is to inhale second-hand smoke!


Lady Banana said...

I so agree, they should dot that over here as well!

Lord of the Wings said...

I like Dr J's experience: fine smokers for littering. I want that job!

Tina said...

i hate smoking anyway. so if they charged triple the price it wouldnt bother me. i hope one day smoking stops but its unlikely :(